The World of: A New Dawn

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The World of: A New Dawn

Post  Zane the Zoroark on Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:39 pm

Our world, so long trapped in strife. War after war ravaged our homes. Towns torn apart, families destroyed. It seemed like we were all destined to fade away. Then, there was the war for purification. The warriors of the fighting type stood strong, and drove the violent dark types from our cities, the wicked ghosts following behind. We were finally at peace. But, it was not to last. A new disease spread through the land like wildfire, spreading from the home of the dark and ghost types. This new infection turned pokemon against one another, turning them to a feral state. Those infected became known as rogues. But fear not young ones, for a force stands to halt its spread. The Rescue Team Federation holds the rogues at bay, keeping them away from our homes and defending our towns. This war a dark one, but not one we can allow ourselves to lose. May the light shine through the darkness!
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